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Multi Family Properties
Estate Source provides outstanding management services for multifamily duplexes, townhomes and apartment developments in central Kentucky. We strive to provide the highest quality apartment homes and communities throughout our market and the highest quality living experience for our residents. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals is devoted to creating an exceptional living environment for area residents while maximizing net operating income for our investors. The important process of becoming extremely familiar with each multifamily property allows our Account Managers the ability to customize an operational plan that positions the asset to capitalize on its various advantages.



Single Family Residences
The decision to hire a quality Property Manager may be a contrived function by knowledgeable single family residence investors or simply a matter of necessity for those who’ve been unable to sell their primary residence in a timely fashion. In today’s challenging real estate market, many people have been thrust into the role of Landlord due to an untimely job change, divorce or a host of other factors. While many people often associate professional property management with high-end commercial investments, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the managing of single family residences is one of the fastest growing areas of commercial real estate in the U.S. Many reputable commercial firms are now actively seeking single family residence clients due to increased demand. In the end, the basic functions of full service property management is the same no matter how big or how small the property. By designing tailor made management procedures with clarity, brevity, and simplicity, Estate Source helps single family residence owners to achieve a profitable investment strategy that provides residual passive rental income while handling every facet of the day to day operations.


** For traditional commercial transactions, investments and proprty management, visit our parent company, LOM Properties .


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